Recode2s - DNA recoding to Type IIS parts

This is a tool for domesticating DNA sequences to Type IIS compatible genetic parts. Recode2S screens for restriction enzyme recognition sites, changes them to silent mutations (where posible), and adds overhangs according to the Common Syntax and CIDAR/MoClo standards. Currently, BsaI and SapI are recoded.

IMPORTANT! Recode2S has been updated in Jan 2020!

Part categories are much more restricted to simplify libraries. Now SapI is added as flanking restriction sites for SapI-mediated domestication into the pL0R-lacZ receiver. If you want to include BsaI sites use the 'old' version here.

In the current version, the resulting "recoded" sequence will contain SapI-flanking sites that enable cloning directly into the pL0R-lacZ receiver. This will restore the BsaI sites, which will enable assembly with other L0 standardised parts through the Common Syntax.


Enter sequence for recoding:

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